On Thursday 7th October 2010 the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa will meet under the Presidency of His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, will convene.

            The Holy Synod of the Hierarchy of the Patriarchate of Alexandria will convene for two consecutive days during which it will go ahead with the filling of the two posts of the Holy Metropolis of Central Africa and the Holy Diocese of Mozambique and will concern itself with all kinds of pastoral, administrative and current issues which are of concern to the ancient Church of Alexandria.

            Special emphasis is always placed on the events of the past year as well as on the programming of the next year, regarding the missionary and humanistic work which is undergoing on the entire African continent, as in almost all of the Metropolises and the Dioceses organised Missionary Centres are in operation. These include hospitals, clinics, polyclinics, Intensive Care Units, pharmacies, educational institutes for all levels, kindergartens, old age homes, centres for AIDS sufferers, orphanages and soup kitchens. Hundreds of churches are also in operation, with Presbyteries and Spiritual Centres, where parish activities are developed and new churches are also being built. Concern for native clergy is great, as is that for candidate clergy. There are already three Higher Ecclesiastical Schools in operation (Alexandria, Kenya, Congo), with educational seminars for Clergy, seminars for candidate clergy, catechetical schools, etc.

            The work of the Holy Synod will be attended by all the Metropolitans and Bishops who serve in the Ecclesiastical provinces on the African Continent.

            On Saturday 9th October 2010, His Beatitude will conduct the Divine Liturgy together with all the Synodal Metropolitans and Bishops, for the completion of the deliberations of the Holy Synod, as well as for the completion of six years from his elevation to the Apostolic and patriarchal Throne of St Mark.


Alexandria 4th October 2010

From the Secretariat