On Wednesday 23rd may 2012, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa attended the Divine Liturgy at the Chapel of the Holy Trinity in Johannesburg. On his arrival at the Metropolis His Beatitude was met by His Eminence Damaskinos and all the clergy of the local Church.

     After the end of the Divine Liturgy His beatitude addressed a paternal greeting to the Priests, congratulated them on their work and thanked them for their efforts expended in keeping alight the flame of Orthodoxy in South Africa. He encouraged them among other things to offer “love, love and only love” everywhere, and always to be close to their parishioners, especially the youth. He them spoke to them about the progress of the renovation works at the Patriarchate in Alexandria and Cairo as well as the progress of the Missionary effort on the African continent.

     Present at the Priests’ gathering also were His Eminence George Metropolitan of Accra and His Grace Ioannis Bishop of Mozambique.

     His Beatitude then visited the renovated areas of the Holy Metropolis and congratulated His Eminence Damaskinos and his colleagues on the completion of these works. He then went onto meet with Professor Hendrickx and they discussed the theological conference  which will take place in South Africa in October of 2013 under the auspices of His Beatitude. The professor gave His Beatitude the latest copy of the English edition “EKKLESIASTIKOS PHAROS NOTIOU AFRIKIS”.

     At noon His Beatitude met with the Chairman of the Federation of Hellenic Communities Mr Anastasios Christoforou and the members of the Executive Council and was told of various issues regarding the community, especially the operation of the Greek schools and the teaching of the Greek language.

     In the evening he went to the Holy  Church of St Sergios of the Russian Community where he was met by His Eminence Damaskinos, the Parish Priest father Daniel, the clergy of the Holy Metropolis, their Excellencies the Ambassadors of Cyprus, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine and Azerbaijan as well as Russian Orthodox Christians. His Beatitude officiated at the Vespers of the Feast of the resurrection of the Lord and addressed the congregation, emphasizing amongst other things the importance of the unity which must exist between Orthodox people as all are beneath the protection of the Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ. He also thanked all the Ambassadors for their presence. A reception followed.