His Holiness

Patriarch of the Coptic Church in Alexandria

Tawadros II


Your Holiness,

On the same day that we festively celebrated The Entry of our Lord into the Holy City of Jerusalem, through which he goes to His willing Passion, for the salvation of the world, it was exactly then that in our blessed homeland of Egypt, in Tanta and in the Great City of Alexandria, our Christian brothers of the martyred Coptic Church were tragically killed going to the churches to celebrate this great Feast.

Overwhelmed by these two cowardly, inhumane and barbaric fundamentalist terrorist attacks, against defenseless Egyptian brother Christians, it is with pain in our hearts and deep sadness that we hasten to express to you our fraternal solidarity and our wholehearted condolences, and intensify our prayers to the Leader of Peace our Lord Jesus Christ, for the repose of the souls of those Christians killed unjustly.

In this most difficult time of terror, in which faith in Jesus Christ is persecuted, questioned and threatened, let us raise between us as a protective wall against terrorism hands of harmony, solidarity and love. It is the most suitable answer to those who are trying to fight the Church of Christ with violence.

May their memory be eternal! We pray that our Holy God will grant them His Kingdom, according to His promise, and also grant courage, strength and comfort to your most deep pain and to the families of the victims.

Your beloved brother in Christ `

Theodoros II

Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa

In the Great City

of Alexandria

11th April 2017