With the recommendation of His Grace Prodromos, Bishop of Toliara, ‘Proposed applications of modern technology in the practice of Ecclesiastical work in African continent today’, as well as the adoption of the text of the Synodal Declaration against violence, the deliberations of the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria were completed today 10th October, 2019.

The Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, Theodoros II, concluded the deliberations of the Holy Synod, expressing his gratitude to all the Hierarchs of the Apostolic Throne of St. Mark for their sacrificial pastoral work on the African continent, but also his gratitude for the supportive love which they always show him during the undertaking of his multi-responsible duties. Shortly before the end of the Session, His Beatitude briefed the Hierarchy on the telephone communication he had with His Beatitude Ioannis, Patriarch of Antioch, to whom he expressed support, both from himself and from the Holy Synod for the new ordeal, which has broken out in the area of his jurisdiction.

His Beatitude then hosted a farewell lunch in the Great Patriarchal Refectory in honour of the Honorable Members of the Holy Synod.


At a time which boasts of its scientific and technological achievements, the observation of the disparagement and exploitation of humans by humans, stigmatize all of humanity. It is inconceivable to boast that we have progressed so scientifically, and that we tend to be indifferent to the justice of man, to his fellow man, to his fellow man. It is inconceivable to boast that we have progressed so scientifically, and yet we tolerate or tend to be indifferent to the injustice of man, to his fellow man, to violence, to crime, to any form of exploitation.

The journey of mankind without God, having set as a priority the material or narrow self-centered profit, does not only negate the Gospel, but these days tends to breakdown all moral value, setting as the antithesis of the Gospel words “God is love”, the words “the other is my hell”.

It is inconceivable, with the pretext of various beliefs, religions, genders, colors and profits, that man is capable of violence against man.

Bearing a long tradition as the oldest bearers of the word of the Gospel in Africa and having a lengthy experience in our Pastoral and sacrificial service in North Africa, from the Horn of Maghreb on the equator and the so-called Dark Africa to the Cape of Good Hope, we have walked through wars, riots, discrimination, civil wars and violations of elementary human rights, many of them, and in many ways, some not even self-explanatory in some areas.

Bearing the sacred duty of the ministry of people and knowing from within the weight, the pain and the wounds of the Cross and the Resurrection dimension, we denounce all forms of violence and injustice from wherever they emanate, and we journey together in deep sadness and, of course , hope, about the course the world has taken and the return of all the good that is promised us.

Knowing in fact that even in the worst situations there is a remnant of humanity, we address that remnant and give it space, the space in our hearts and our prayers, for it to bloom and multiply. We call every person of good will to journey with us in this effort, so that peace may prevail and justice, humanity and respect for life may reign in all mankind.