His Eminence Meletios Metropolitan of Carthage (born Konstantinos Koumanis) was botn in Kalamata Messinia in 1970. He holds a degree from the Higher Ecclesiastical Academy of Athens, from the Department of Social Theology of the Theological Academy of Athens and the Catechetical School of Apostoliki Diakonia of the Church of Greece. He speaks English, Arabic and Russian.

In 1996 he was tonsured a monk and ordained Deacon at the Holy Boulkanou Monastery in Messinia, by the later Metropolitan Chrysostomos Themelis of Messinia and as Priest in 2000. In 2007 he was appointed as Chairman of the Council for the administration and management of the Ecclesiastical Camps of the Holy Metropolis of Messinia for their renovation. He was the Abbot Advisor of the Holy Boulkanou Monastery during the years 2007-2008.

In November 2008 he was seconded to the Patriarchate of Alexandria and was appointed as Parish Priest of the Patriarchal Church of St Savvas in Alexandria. In 2009 he received the Office of Sacristan of the Patriarchal Throne and in 2010 was enthroned as Abbot of the Patriarchal Monastery of St Savvas by His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandra and All Africa. Since that time, he served in the Secretariat of the Patriarchate, was in charge of the Website and Internet Office and taught Ritual at the “St Athanasios the Great” Patriarchal Academy in Alexandria. He accompanied His Beatitude the Patriarch of Alexandria on official visits overseas and on missionary journeys throughout Africa. He was in charge of the organization of the Book issued in honour of the 10 years of contribution and ministry of His Beatitude. On 26th November 2014 he was elected as Bishop of Naucratis, ordained by His Beatitude Theodoros II Pope and Patriarch on 5th December 2014 and promoted as Metropolitan of Carthage on 17th November 2016.

The historic Holy Archdiocese of Carthage was a powerful spiritual centre and autonomous Church during the first centuries of Christianity, where the famous Local Synod of Carthage convened in 419; it was reestablished by Patriarchal and Synodal Tome in 1931 and today includes in its spiritual jurisdiction Tunisia, the Kingdom of Morocco and the Islamic Republics of Algeria and Mauritania.

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