On 3rd January 2019, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa welcomed to the See of the Patriarchate a group of seventy-five clergy from the Coptic Church of Alexandria, headed by the Representative of the Coptic Patriarch in Alexandria, Bishop Pavlos, who were paying their very first visit to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate.

His Beatitude the Patriarch welcomed them in the Throne Room, where he addressed Bishop Pavlos, wishing the Patriarch of the Coptic Church, Tawadros II, a blessed New Year.

During his speech he addressed to the visitors warm wishes for the upcoming (according to the old calendar) Feast of the Nativity, expressing his sadness for the innocent Christian victims of the Coptic Church who lost their lives due to extremism.

He also thanked the Egyptian President Mr. Al Sisi because he is working hard to combat this phenomenon.

They were then taken on a tour of the Patriarchate, the Patriarchal Library and the Archaeological Museum by the Patriarchal Vicar of Alexandria His Eminence Metropolitan Narcissus of Accra, and a lunch was then hosted.