Theodoros II, Patriarch of Alexandria, celebrated the great day of Christianity together with the Greeks of the Egyptian capital, at the majestic Church of Ss Constantine and Helen in Cairo, a few hundred metres from the River Nile and in the presence of many Egyptian dignitaries, who in the person of His Beatitude honoured the Feast of Pasch, Orthodoxy and Hellenism.

At exactly midnight, Egypt time, the Alexandrian Primate exited the church to bless the many people of Egypt who had come to receive the Holy Light.
Immediately thereafter the Primate of the Orthodox Church in Africa warmly thanked all who were present at the Service, speaking particularly of the Egyptian dignitaries, thanking President Abdel Fattah el Sisi and all the people of Egypt for the support and love with which they surround the Ancient Patriarchate, emphasizing that he himself speaks wherever he is in the world, with words of love for Egypt, the country which unites Christians and Muslims, an example to be followed,

Present at the service were the representative of the Egyptian Presidency, Mr. Mohamed Yehia, Dr Halal el Sais as a representative of the Prime Minister of Egypt, General Nasser el Sheikh as the representative of the Minster of the Interior, Mr. Ahmed el Demeri as representative of the Governor of Cairo and Dr Mohamed Gemea as representative of El Azhar.  

Greeks present were the Greek Ambassador Mr. Christodoulos Lazaris and his wife Antoinetta Lazari, the Councillor of the Greek Embassy Mr. George Papadopoulos, the Consul General of Greece in Cairo (who also celebrated her name day) Mrs. Lambrini Komini, the Military Attaché of the Greek Embassy Navy Captain Mr. Ioannis Diamantakis, the Chairman of the Hellenic Community of Cairo Mr. Christos Kavalis, the Deputy Chairman of the H.C.C. Mr. Nicholas Politis, the Secretary General of the H.C.C. Mrs. Chrysanthe Skoufaridou, Community Representatives Messrs, Stephanos Argyriou and Antonis Diamantides as well as many other dignitaries.

In conclusion, His Beatitude conducted the Vespers of Love at the Community church of Ss Constantine and Helen in the Egyptiancapital, and then went on to attend a festive lunch hosted by the Hellenic Community of Cairo together with all the Greeks of Egypt.