His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa officiated today on the occasion of the feast of the Glorious Saint Hiermartyr Theodoros Bishop of Cyrene at the Holy Patriarchal Chapel of Ss Theodori within the Patriarchal Mansion.

His Beatitude, speaking to the clergy of the Patriarchal court, gave the mark of the life of Saint Theodoros, while pointing out the contribution of the current Metropolitan Athanasios of Cyrene, to the promotion of the miraculous Saint of our Church and his overall multifaceted contribution to the Throne of the Apostle Mark for which he expressed his gratitude.

The prolific Hierarch of the Ancient and Apostolic Metropolis of Cyrene, the first Diocese founded in Africa, sacrificially and effectively served the Second Throne Patriarchate for 22 consecutive years, from the position of Patriarchal Exarch in Moscow, where he renovated buildings, consolidated the Exarchate, contributed to the spread of the Greek language and led many to the spirit of the Patriarchate of Alexandria. As the Patriarch mentioned, His Eminence the Metropolitan of Cyrene graces with his presence the Patriarchate of Alexandria, which he served and continues to serve in various ways, while being a contemporaneous with the Patriarch and an elected member of the Holy Synod of the Ancient Patriarchate.

Brief history of the life of the Hieromartyr St Theodoros Bishop of Cyrene.

Saint Theodoros lived during the reign of King Diocletian (284 – 304 AD) and came from Cyrene in Libya. He was a copyist of holy books, which he distributed to the churches for the enlightenment of the faithful.

Then he was invited by the ruler and Theodore appeared before him, accompanied by many Christians, among whom were Saints Kyprilla, Aroa and Lucia.

The ruler asked him to hand over his books and deny Christ, but Theodore did not obey the ruler's order and thus suffered severe torture. At first they scourged him mercilessly, then crucified him, and then scraped his wounds with skins. Then after cutting out his tongue, they threw him in prison where he breathed his last.