On 28th November 2019, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, welcomed the Chief of the Army Staff, Lieutenant General George Kambas.

Lieutenant General Kambas expressed his satisfaction that he was the first Chief of General Staff to visit the See of the Second Throne Patriarchate of Orthodoxy, in Alexandria.

‘Everything here in Alexandria is reminiscent of the passing of Alexander the Great and the Greeks for two thousand years, in the hospitable country of Egypt, the country that welcomed Christ, His home during of the reign of Herod, who came here as a refugee, in this blessed country, which stands so close beside and friendly to Greece, our homeland, and the blessed island of Cyprus’, the Patriarch said among other things, thanking in the person of Mr. Kambas the Greek Army for all that it does for our homeland.

While speaking in a touching and more personal tone, he referred to his unforgettable military father, who taught him – as he said – his love for his country and discipline.

At the same time, Patriarch Theodore expressed his gratitude to the blessed land of the Nile and its leader, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, as well as the country’s army, who show their love for him, because he is both Greek and Egyptian, since the day he was elected Patriarch, 15 years ago.

“The strengthening of the relations Greece and Egypt’s between Greece and Egypt is a great thing, being able to declare the Mediterranean a sea of friendship and love,’ the Alexandrian Prelate said, wishing ‘health and joy to our military children.’ Because, he emphasized to the Chief of General Staff ‘the security of our country depends on your strengh’.

He then gave him an icon of Ss Constantine and Helen. A copy of the one from the Church of the same name in Cairo, to remind him that ‘Greeks do great things everywhere, wherever they are.’

On his behalf, the Chief of the Army General Staff Lieutenant General George Kambas stressed to Patriarch Theodoros that ‘It is extremely important that in addition to promoting Orthodoxy in Egypt and Africa, you are also promoting Hellenism and Greek Orthodox culture. You contribute to your homeland something unparalleled, something very powerful, which is the promotion of our country abroad. And we thank you very much for that’, he said.

And the Chief of Army General Staff emphasized to the Alexandrian Primate that ‘by order of the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Defense, we are trying to improve and further enhance our contacts and relations with Egypt, so that together with other countries in the Mediterranean we can establish stability and peace in the region.

‘And it is important that ‘the Egyptians want us close to them. And they see the Greek Army as an ally, which is very important for us and for you, the Patriarchate of Alexandria.’

In conclusion, in the presence of the Patriarchal Vicar of Alexandria Metropolitan Narcissus of Naucratis, the Metropolitan of Tripoli Mr. Theophylactos and the Consul General of Greece in Alexandria, Athanasios Kotsionis, Chief of Army General Staff Lieutenant General George Kambas gave the Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria the coat of arms of the General Army Staff, ‘to remind you that Army General Staff came here and is with you,’ he concluded.

They were then taken on a conducted tour of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, its Museums and its Library.

Lieutenant George Kambas returns to Athens today.