The message of peace as Alexandria puts it in practice, hosting foreign communities and "marrying" cultures, from ancient times until today, was highlighted by Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria, speaking on the night of Wednesday, July 7, 2021, at a big event at the emblematic Library of the city, of the cosmopolitan city, as he defined it.

One word, a description, which the Alexandrian Primate took from the very title of the event "the cosmopolitanism of Alexandria", wanting to emphasize that "Alexandria is a city full of history. "God loved her," he said, "because Alexander the Great took flour and etched its borders. "Doves accompanied him to show that it will always be eternal and blessed," he said.

This evening, a Greek word is used: "cosmopolitan", added Patriarch Theodoros. "Alexandria is a cosmopolitan city that will live on in eternity," said the Primate of the Second Throne Ancient Patriarchate, wishing Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi that "his dreams may come true."

Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria, referring to Egypt, Greece and Cyprus, described them as "countries of peace and love", speaking at this event that highlighted the history of the communities that inextricably linked their presence with the city of Alexandria, with contributor to the event and Special Adviser to the Director of the Library of Alexandria as well as General Secretary of the Hellenic Community of Alexandria, Dimitris Kavouras, translating from Greek to Arabic.

It should be noted that this important event of the Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center (Alex Med) of "Bibliotheca Alexandrina", which took place in the Library of Cultures Square, was part of the promotion of the dialogue of cultures, especially between the countries of the region of the Mediterranean, reaffirming for the city of Alexandria that it is a "marriage" of cultures.

In fact, the Primate of Alexandria addressed the Director of the Library of Alexandria, Dr. Feki, describing him as a "man full of light, spirit and love" but also to the Governor of Alexandria, General Mohamed El Sharif, to whom he wished the completion of his vision and to make Alexandria even more beautiful.

The Primate of Alexandria, who was accompanied by the Very Reverend Archimandrite Fr. Elpidoforos Limneos, ended by speaking to all those who participated in this event, outside the Library overlooking the Mediterranean Sea:

"Be proud that we live in Alexandria. Thanks for the hospitality. Alexandria loves, hosts, hopes and gives peace".

It should be noted that during the event, the film "Homeland by Choice" was presented, which was completed through the cooperation of the European Program of International Relations of the National Media Authority and the European Union. A film, which presented young foreign communities of "cosmopolitan" Alexandria, who chose to live in Alexandria, the cradle of Mediterranean culture, as mentioned.

Finally, for his part, the Director of the Library of Alexandria, Dr. Mustafa El Feki, spoke about the importance of this event which confirms that the famous Library of Alexandria is both the window to the world in Egypt and the window of Egypt to the world, being a great cultural center and a beacon that transmits the universal values of tolerance, understanding and dialogue between nations.

Diplomatic representation at the event and the presence of officials were very important, as the Governor of Alexandria, General Mohamed Al Sharif, Lord Yashar Helmy, the Ambassador of Armenia, the Consul General of France, the Consul General of Saudi Arabia, representatives of the Al-Azhar Muslim Center, as well as the Coptic and Armenian Churches.

The Greek community was represented by the First Vice President of the Hellenic Community of Alexandria, Mr. Andreas Vafiadis, and the General Secretary of the Presbyterian Organization, Mr. Dimitris Kavouras, the Director of the Alexandria Branch of the Hellenic Institute of Culture Mrs Stavroula Spanoudi and the Chairlady of “Ptolemy” and the Hellenic Naval Club of Alexandria Mrs Lilika Thlivitou.