The memories of a great figure of Orthodoxy, the blessed Patriarch of Alexandria Parthenios III came to the minds of all those who came today, July 23, to the parish of Agios Athanasios in Kypseli, to honor his memory, together with the Primate of the Orthodox Church in Africa, Theodoros II.

Visibly moved, the Primate of Alexandria spoke lovingly of his predecessor, who promoted the Second Throne Patriarchate, with his actions and ideas, bringing the Ancient Patriarchate to a prominent position from his time.

With the simplicity that characterized him, which made him accessible to the whole world, and his example which was followed by one of his favorite students, the current Patriarch Theodoros II, who did not hide his emotion for the fact that today marks 24 years since the falling asleep of Parthenios, on 23 July 1996, the day that coincides with the falling asleep of the Patriarch who took him from Port Said, enabled him to sturdy and ordained him, the late blessed Christoforos..

“May God grant rest to both Patriarchs” said Patriarch Theodoros.

Beside Patriarch Theodoros today at the Dependency in Athens, was the Exarch of the Alexandrian Church in the Greek capital, Metropolitan George of Guinea and Metropolitan Dimitrios of Irenopolis as well as the clergy.

This great anniversary was honored by the presence of many officials, among them the new Consul General of Greece in Melbourne Mr. Emmanouil Kakavelakis, the Great Benefactor and Lady of the Patriarchate Mrs. Ekaterini Sofianou-Belefanti and other officials as well as representatives of societies of Egypt and Africa.

It should be noted that at the end of the service, the Patriarch of Alexandria honored Mr. Spyridon Kokkinakis, Coordinator of Decentralized Administration of the Attica Region, with the title of Grand Master Referendarios of the Alexandrian Throne.