On November 18, 2021, an official meeting was held in Johannesburg between His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa and His Excellency the President of the Republic of South Africa Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa.

During the discussion, which took place in a cordial atmosphere, issues such as human rights, environmental protection and the contribution of the Alexandrian Church to the lives of vulnerable social groups were discussed.

His Beatitude Patriarch thanked the President for the warm welcome he gave him, as well as for the support of the work of the Church, while briefing the President on the work of the three Dioceses in South Africa.

With particularly warm words, Patriarch Theodoros also referred to the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, whom he described as a pacifist Leader, thanking him for their joint cooperation in the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Christians, as well as for the strong friendship between the countries of Egypt, Greece and Cyprus.

His Excellency the President, Mr. Ramaphosa, referred to the friendship of South Africa with Greece and Cyprus, but also to the good relations with the Greek Communities.

He expressed his appreciation for the patriotism that the Greeks showed and are showing towards South Africa, maintaining the traditions that highlight their contribution to the wide social diversity of the country, but also his appreciation and respect for the Patriarchate of Alexandria and its multifaceted efforts which it undertakes throughout Africa.

As a token of appreciation and friendship, His Beatitude decorated the President of the Republic of South Africa with the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Savvas for his contribution to tackling the pandemic and the practical recognition of this contribution throughout Africa at the 34th Summit of the African Union.

His Beatitude was accompanied by His Eminence Damaskinos Metropolitan of Johannesburg and Pretoria, the Ambassador of Egypt Mr. Ahmed Al Fadly, the High Commissioner of Cyprus Mr. Antonios Mandritis, the Charge d’ Affaires of the Embassy of Greece Mr. Stefanos Ioannidis, the Consul General of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Ioannis Hatzantonakis, the President of the Hellenic Federation of South Africa Mr. John Spyrides, the former President of the Hellenic Federation Mr. John Philippou, Businessman Mr. John Baladakis, the Chief Secretary of the Holy Synod Archimandrite Nicodemus Totkas and the Very Reverend Archimandrite Athenodoros.