The Holy Synod of the Alexandrian Throne is convening presently at the Holy Patriarchal Centre of Alexandria. The convening of the Hierarchs has been set to begin today 15th November and will last until 17th November. The Divine Liturgy was held this morning in the Synodal Chapel of Ss Theodoroi. Immediately thereafter the first session took place Presided under the guidance of His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa.

Following a brief prayer by His Beatitude, the Holy Synod began its deliberations. The Primate of the Alexandrian Church welcomed the member Hierarchs of the Holy Synod and particularly those who were taking part in the Sacred Body for the first time.

Mention was made of those Hierarchs who were absent with apologies. His Eminence Elder Metropolitan Gabriel of Leontopolis replied to the members of the Sacred and Holy Synod.

Immediately then His Beatitude the Patriarch in an inspired talk presented to the Body the activities of the period 2015-2016 up until the present. He spoke of his Patriarchal journeys of love to the African flock and mentioned his anxiety for the present and the future of the great Missionary effort throughout the vast African continent. He recommended to all “that each one extensively gives his witness in prayer, vigil, vigilance”, in these unfortunate years so that the word of God “can stay o course” “in a frenzy of love” and His name may be glorified “in the hearts” of the African brothers and sisters of Christ.

In the afternoon of the same day the Holy Synod continued its deliberations. During this afternoon session mention was made by His Beatitude and the Holy Hierarchs of the relations of the Alexandrian Church with the heterodox confessions and the various flourishing Protestant groups. Also, a first valuation discussion was held on the activities of the Holy and Great Synod in Crete. On this issue, the Synod with speak at greater length and will issue a relative statement at the meeting tomorrow.