On 23rd October 2010, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa officiated at the Vespers Service at the Patriarchal Chapel of Saints Theodoroi, prior to the end of which the ceremony of the Great Message of the Elected Metropolitan Nikiphoros of Central Africa who had recently arrived from Mount Athos, took place.

   Present at the praer synaxis were His Eminence Elder Metropolitan Kallinikos of Pilousion, His Eminence Dimitrios of Sevastia, His Eminence Panteleimon of Xanthe and Peritheorio, His Eminence Basil of Elassona, His Eminence Ignatios formerly of Central Africa, His Eminence Damaskinos of Cydonia and Apokoronou, His Grace Meletios of Katanga, His Grace Gabriel of Mareotis Patriarchal Vicar of Alexandria, and His Grace Niphon of Babylonos Hegumen of the Holy Monastery of St George Old Cairo, and the Hegumens Archimandrite Fr. Prodromos of the Holy Monastery of Megistis Lavras Mount Athos, Archimandrite Fr. Amphilochios of Agia Triada in Tzagarolos Hania, Archimadrite Fr. Iakovos of the Holy Monastery of Preveli in Rethymnon, Archimandrite Fr. Nikanor of the Holy Monastery of Agia Triada Sparmou Elassonos, Archimandrite Fr. Ierotheos Dean of the Ecclesiastical School of Athos, fathers from Mount Athos, other clergy, the Honourable Mr. George Diakofotakis Consul General of Greece in Alexandria and Mr Loulis, former Political Director of Mount Athos and many pilgrims from Greece.

   In the Throne Room His Beatitude went on to award His Eminence Dimitrios of Secastia the Cross of the Order of St Savvas with a Star and Archimandrite Prodromos Hegumen of the Holy Monastery of Megistis Lavras with the Cross of the Apostle Mark.

   During his address, His Beatitude spoke of his many years of acquaintance with the two who always came to his assistance during his missionary service when he served in the Holy Metropolis of Cameroon and that of Zimbabwe. He also expressed his love and respect for the Most Venerable Ecumenical Throne and His All Holiness Vartholomaios the Ecumenical Patriarch, as well as for Mount Athos and the Monastic Brotherhoods that are there. He then went on to give his first pastoral staff to Archimandrite Fr. Prodromos as a token of gratitude and love.

   In conclusion His Beatitude had a private meeting with the Hierarchs in the Patriarchal office and then took them on a conducted tour of the Patriarchal mansion and the patriarchal Library.

   On Sunday 24th October 2010 in the Holy Patriarchal Church of St Savvas the Sanctified in Alexandria, the ordination of His Eminence Nikiphoros of Central Africa will take place.