With splendour and religious magnificence, the Alexandrian Egyptian Orthodox Christians celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the Holy Cathedral of the Annunciation in the Great City of Alexandria.

His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, officiated at the service of the Resurrection and served the Divine Liturgy of the Resurrection, conveying to all the joyful message, “Christ is Risen”.

His Beatitude concelebrated with the Patriarchal Vicar of Alexandria His Eminence Narcissus Metropolitan of Naucratis, His Grace Theodoros Bishop of Babylon and the Chief Secretary of the Holy Synod Archimandrite Nicodemus Totkas.

In his Resurrection message emphasized the following: “Brothers and children! Christ is Risen and not one of our expectations can remain dead inside us”!

We have been blessed by the Risen Lord to experience daily here on the Continent of the future, in Africa, in the most precious Golgotha of the human race, in the place of the skull of vanity and in the empty Tomb of Hope, this unique, .priceless true dimension of the Orthodox faith. Our Orthodox Church, founded by the Apostle Mark and following in his footsteps with enthusiasm and optimism, with the rhythm of the resurrection, girds itself with a cloth, almost willing to bandage the pain, to sprinkle the wounds with oil and wine, to wash out the Nile’s swamps with the waters of the Jordan, to turn the deserts into oases, to sprinkle with His Blood the doors of the hearts, to give His Body as food, to quench the passions and hopes. Our Orthodox Church ministers to the Cross and preaches the Resurrection in Africa too”.

At the main feast of Christianity in Alexandria, Greece was represented by the Consul General Mr. Athanasios Kotsionis, and the Hellenic Community of Alexandria was represented by the 1st Vice Chairman of the H.C.A. Mr. Andreas Vafiades.