The start of co-operation between the Patriarchal Library of Alexandria and All Africa with the Preservation and Manuscript Retoration Laboratory of the Alexandrian Library was sealed with the handing over of the first three restored manuscripts to the Patriarchal Library.

     On 25th September 2011, a research team from the Alexandrian Library handed over to His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa the manuscripts mentioned above.

     These are the manuscripts numbered as: 20, the Octoechos with a handwritten message by Patriarch Ioakeim Panis of Alexandria; 69, the September and October Menaion with a handwritten message by Patriarch Sylvester of Alexandria; and 118, the August Menaion from the Monastery of St Arsenios in Cairo. During the handover of the restored manuscripts, the common perception that both parties have was confirmed, that the preservation and exhibition of the written wealth of the Patriarchal Library will raise the historic cultyral heritage not only of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, but of the Land of the Nile in general.