New collaboration was begun on the night of 9th December 2009 between the ancient Patriarchate of Alexandria and the N.G.O. of the Church of Greece “Solidarity” combining their powers to strengthen the missionary work in Africa.


     The Start of this new effort for which His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa expressed his appreciation, in the presence of His Beatitude Ieronymos Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, was the signing of the memorandum of collaboration at yesterday’s function which took place at a central hotel in .


     Their first decision was the sending of immediate humanistic aid to Uganda, and Zimbabwe.


     In welcoming His Beatitude Theodoros II, the Director of the NGO “Solidarity” Mr Konstantinos Dimtsas, spoke of the work done by the Alexandrian Patriarchate as well as the contributions made to this point by the NGO of the Church of to various areas in Africa.


     During his reply the Primate of the Church of described this memorandum as a “contract of honour and heart whose results will be seen very soon through the programmes of support for the suffering people of Africa”.


     According to the text of the memorandum, which was signed “for the exclusive aim of common collaboration and support of and provision of humanistic and developmental aid for the people of Central Africa”, the NGO of the Church of Greece “following a decision taken by the Executive Council and according to its abilities, will send humanistic aid to countries in Central Africa”.


     Also, together with the ancient Patriarchate “can undertake ad hoc programmes of developmental aid for countries in Central Africa, which it will first put up for approval and financing to the Hellenic Service for Developmental Collaboration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and to EuropeAid of the European Council”.


     Through the present memorandum, the Alexandrian Church and the NGO “Solidarity” will be able to establish their collaboration to other departments having to do with the restoration of its own buildings and memorial areas of the Hellenic Communities of Africa”.