The Holy Synod of the patriarchate of Alexandria convened today, 24th November 2015, under the Presidency of His Beatitude Theodoros II Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria in the Session Hall of the Holy Synod.

Prior to the Session, a Divine Liturgy was conducted in the Patriarchal Chapel of Ss Theodori followed immediately by memorial prayers in memory of the late Patriarch Petros VII, who on this day would celebrate his name day. The meeting began immediately thereafter. The start of the deliberations was opened by His Beatitude, addressing greetings to the Members of the Synod. His Eminence Makarios of Kenya replied to His Beatitude on behalf of their Eminences and Graces of the Throne. His Beatitude then briefed the Holy Synod extensively regarding the work done during the year in all departments of the ecclesiastical ministry of the Patriarchate.

Next, His Beatitude, by Patriarchal Synodal Decree awarded the title of “Honorary Patriarchal Vicar General” to the Elder Metropolitan Petros of Aksum, honouring his many years of contribution to the Patriarchate of Alexandria and promoted to Elder Metropolitan His Eminence Gabriel of Leontopolis, appointing him as Patriarchal Vicar General, and in Patriarchal gratitude he rewarded His Eminence Nikodimos Metropolitan of Memphis for his ten years of service as Patriarchal Vicar in Cairo. Also, through the publication of Patriarchal and Synodal Voolumes, two new Dioceses were created: “Nieri and Mount Kenya” and Kisumu and West Kenya” which were cut from the Holy Metropolis of Kenya which is renamed as “Holy Metropolis of Nairobi”. The Holy Metropolis of Central Africa has been renamed “Holy Metropolis of Kinshasa”.

The following elections then took place: Elected as new Metropolitan of Zambia and Malawi is His Grace Ioannis Bishop of Mozambique. Having accepted the resignation of His Eminence Savvas Metropolitan of Accra, His Eminence Narkissos Metropolitan of Noubia was elected to the post, and elected as Metropolitan Noubia was the former Metropolitan Savvas of Accra. Subsequently the Diocese of Mozambique was filled through the election of His Grace Chrysostomos of Berenice. New Bishop of Nieri is Auxiliary Bishop of Nitria, Neophytos and new Bishop of Kisumu the Very reverend Athanasios Akunda, both from Kenya. Finally, the Very Reverend Archimandrite Nikodimos Boulaxis, till now Chancellor of the Holy Metropolis of Johannesburg was elected as Auxiliary Bishop of Nitria and appointed as Patriarchal Vicar of Alexandria.

The deliberations of the Holy Synod continued in the afternoon of the same day with the presentation of the account of activities by the Hierarchs, while His Eminence Sergios of Good Hope briefed the Synodal members regarding the Pre-Conciliar Conference as well as the general progress of Pan-Orthodox Dialogue ahead of the Great Synod in Constantinople.

At the end of the Evening Session the newly elected Metropolitan Ioannis of Zambia and Malawi, Narkissos of Accra and Savvas of Noubia, gave before His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa the Great Message in the Holy Patriarchal Chapel of Ss Theodori.