On Friday 16th February 2018, on the third day of his visit to Khartoum, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, because Sunday is a working day and the faithful would have difficulty, conducted by Ekonomia a Patriarchal Divine Liturgy, at the Holy Cathedral of the Annunciation in Khartoum, concelebrating with His Eminence Nicodemus, Metropolitan of Memphis and the local Metropolitan Savvas of Nubia.

At the end of the Divine Liturgy, His Beatitude spoke of the historic Metropolis of Nubia and Hellenism in Sudan, and passed on to all spiritual advice, thanking all who were present at the sacred moment for the Metropolis of Nubia.

He then awarded a medal to the Honorary Consul of Greece in Sudan Mr. Gerasimos Pagoulatos and the Chairlady of the Hellenic Community of Khartoum Dr. Alexandra Pateraki. Present at the Divine Liturgy were a Representative of the Coptic Metropolitan of Khartoum, a Representative of the Eritrean Church, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Khartoum, the Anglican Bishop of Khartoum, Representatives of the Lutheran, Evangelical and other Churches, as well as the Chairlady of the Hellenic Community of Khartoum, the Honorary Consul of Greece in Khartoum, the American Ambassador, the Ambassadress of Lebanon and representatives of other Embassies.

After the Divine Liturgy His Beatitude had the opportunity of meeting with and having talks with all the Representatives of the Churches in the grounds of the Holy Metropolis. Everyone considers this visit as significant, as it proves the love and harmony between the Religions in Sudan.

After the departure of the invited dignitaries, His Beatitude had the opportunity of meeting all those who help the Metropolis in its daily work in the office, as well as in the organization of the spiritual and liturgical work of the Metropolis; he spoke with them at length, simply and humbly and celebrated with them as on the following day many of them would be working.

On the night of the same day he went to the “KEROYAVAN RESORT”, where he met with the Minister of Orientation, National Legacies and Religious Affairs Mr. ABUBAHR OSMAN, in a very warm and friendly atmosphere, in the presence also of the representatives of the Khartoum Council of Churches and Representatives of the Muslims.

A constructive dialogue on religious freedoms in Sudan followed. Also present were the Secretary General of Religions and Religious Reconciliation of Sudan Dr. FAROUK ALBUSRA, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Religions Mr. HAMMET YOUSEF, the Director of the Office of Churches Mr. AMIN ELTOM and the Managing Director and Personnel Manager of the same Office Mr. ALFATEH MOHTAR.

His Beatitude gave as a commemorative gift of his visit to Sudan a wooden plate with a filigree emblem of the Patriarchate, to His Excellency Mr. ABUBAHR OSMAN. A dinner followed hosted by the Minister in honour of the Patriarch and his entourage.