His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, concelebrated in great splendour with the remaining Greeks as well as the Ethiopian Orthodox Christians who are under the jurisdiction of the Metropolis of Aksum, the Sunday of Orthodoxy on 21 February 2010. His Beatitude officiated at the Divine Liturgy which was conducted at the Holy Cathedral of St Frumentios together with Elder Metropolitan Petros of Aksum and His Grace Bishop Niphon of Babylonos.

     Present at the Divine Liturgy were representatives of His Beatitude the Ethiopian Patriarch Paul, His Excellency the Director of Protocol of the Ethiopian President, their Excellencies the Ambassadors of Greece, Egypt and Serbia in Addis Ababa, diplomats, the Chairman and councilors of the Hellenic Community, people from the world of Art and Letters from the Ethiopian community, Greeks and pupils from the schools of the community together with their teachers and many other Ethiopians.

     Addressing His Beatitude, His Eminence the Elder Metropolitan Petros of Aksum, emphasized the continuous concern of the Primate of the Orthodox Church for the spiritual as well as other support of the people of Africa. He said that His Beatitude has crossed all borders and the entire African continent in order to be close to his flock.

     During his homily, the Patriarch said: “Our Apostolic and Ancient Patriarchate, which is dedicated to the Gospel command of  announcing the faith of Jesus Christ to all the world, is gathering souls and feeding our African brothers and sisters with strength and hope. The missionary efforts we have undertaken brings to mind the first Christian times and Apostolic pilgrimages”.

     “Our thoughts, concerns and prayers daily are about how we will go about leading more souls to the knowledge of eternal Truth, without forgetting about the most necessary needs for life, for which we are doing everything possible. That is why the Missionary witness of the Alexandrian Church in the 46 out of the 53 countries in Africa and the humanistic aid to every country remains undiminished, with all sacrifice”.

     “Simultaneously, though, the Apostolic and Patriarchal Throne of St mark is also guarding and strengthening our ancestral values in Africa, the continent of the future, where Hellenism continues to exist and bear fruit. For Greeks, faith has always been its driving force and its solace, wherever they have been, however far they have reached, in struggles, among new cultures and religions”, stressed His Beatitude, and addressing the Greeks that are still in Addis Ababa, he said: We salute and praise your continued presence here. We are proud in the Lord because all of you, the Greeks who live in this hospitable and civilized Christian country, keep your heritage under the omophorion of your experienced Metropolitan, the Elder Metropolitan Petros of Aksum, who has served this historic Metropolis for 31 years with love, while at the same time being a helper of the Ethiopian people in their struggles”.

    Immediately thereafter His Beatitude gave Metropolitan Petros a pastoral staff, as a sign of honour for and recognition of his multifaceted service in Ethiopia.

     In commemoration of his visit and as a blessing, he offered a silver paten and chalice to the Hellenic community for use in the Holy Church of St Frumentios, which he gave to its chairman, Mr George Stavros.

    Thanking the Ethiopian Church and its Primate for the good co-operation with elder Metropolitan Petros, the Patriarch gave a pectoral cross to each of the hierarchs present at the festive Divine Liturgy.

     He also honoured the Parish Priest of the Metropolis, Archimandrite Chrysostomos, who was born in Ethiopia who is loved by the faithful, and he gave him an epigonation.

     He then went on to honour the renowned Medical Professor from the Ethiopian Community, Dr Tebebe awarding him the medal of St Savvas the Sanctified.

     The Procession of the Icons then took place around the church of St Frumentios. Pupils of the Greek school led the procession holding icons, followed by His Beatitude, the Hierarchs and the faithful.


     On the morning of Saturday 20 February 2010, in the Cemetery of the Hellenic Community, His Beatitude conducted the trisagion service for the repose of the late Metropolitan Nicholas of Aksum, other Greeks who have fallen asleep as well as of other faithful of the historic Metropolis of Aksum.

     That evening he attended the reception hosted in his honour by the Medical Professor Dr Tebebe at his home. Present among others at the reception, were the Director of Protocol of the Presidency, His Excellency the Minister of Trade, their Excellencies the Ambassadors of Greece, Egypt, Spain and Romania, diplomats from many countries, people from the world of Arts and Letters, academics, members of international organizations and humanistic organizations in Ethiopia, businessmen and the chairman of the Hellenic Community.