The memory of the Holy Great Martyr Theodore of Tyre was celebrated with grandeur in the Holy Patriarchal Church of St Nicholas in Cairo, on February 17, 2024.

During the Patriarchal and Synodal Divine Liturgy,  His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, who was celebrating his Name Day, presided, together with all the Metropolitans and Bishops, the Synodal Hierarchs of the Apostolic and Patriarchal Throne of St Mark, on the completion of the deliberations of the Holy Synod (15-16 February 2024).

During the Eucharistic Gathering, the ordination to the Priesthood of the Reverend Deacon Fr. Irenaios, from Ghana, holder of a Degree from the “Athanasios the Great” Patriarchal Academy of Alexandria, who will serve in the Holy Diocese of Arusha in Tanzania.

Before the end of the Divine Eucharist, His Beatitude was addressed by His Eminence Elder Metropolitan Theophylactos of Caesarea, who emphasized that the love of the honored Saint Theodoros for Christ led him to martyrdom, but also strengthened him during it.

“The Saint was indeed a gift from God in the life of the Church. Your Beatitude our Pope and Patriarch, you are a gift from God for the Ancient Patriarchate.  Your fervent love for Christ is spread into the hearts of all of us. Many years to You”.

His Beatitude responded with emotion, thanking all the Holy Hierarchs for their harmonious and useful cooperation for the benefit and promotion of the general missionary, pastoral and humanitarian work of the Alexandrian Church on the long-suffering African land, as well as for the strong unity and courageous response on their part regarding burning issues and problems, which arise, always on the immovable basis of the Holy Canons and the Apostolic and Patristic Holy Heritage and Tradition of the Most Holy Orthodox Church.

He also expressed thanks to the attending Ambassadors of Greece, Mr. Nikolaos Papageorgiou, and of Cyprus, Mrs. Poly Panou, the Honourable Consul General of Greece in Alexandria, Mr. Ioannis Pyrgakis, the representatives of the Greek and Arabic-speaking Community of Cairo, the Honourable Coordinator of Education for North Africa and the Middle East, the members of the educational community in the Egyptian capital, the representatives of the local Associations and Brotherhoods and the faithful, for their love, faith and dedication to their Mother Church, the Second Throne Patriarchate.

This was followed by the unveiling of the bust of the late Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria Meletios Metaxakis (1926-1935) in the courtyard of the Patriarchal  Vicariate of Cairo.

His Beatitude spoke about his life and the great contribution to the Patriarchal Throne of Saint Mark of His Predecessor, stressing in particular that all the Regulations, which are still valid in the Patriarchate of Alexandria, came from this great Patriarch.

He drafted the “Organic Law of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria”, the “Organization of the Courts of the Patriarchal Throne of Alexandria and the Procedure applicable to them” and the “Regulation on Marriage and Divorce”. During his patriarchal tenure, by means of a special Provision “on the Constitution of the Metropolises”, the nine ecclesiastical Provinces of the Throne were defined, while he toured African countries spiritually strengthening the Greek Communities and the first African Christians. Similarly, in the other Churches, in which the venerable Primate ministered, he left his historical imprint with his charismatic administrative experience and his high vision.

In conclusion, he expressed grateful thanks to His Eminence Nektarios, Metropolitan of Kiti, through his attending representative, the Very Reverend Archimandrite Stylianos Stylianou, Chief Secretary  of the Holy Metropolis of Kiti, for assuming the cost of the bust also of the predecessor of Meletios Metaxakis, who served as Metropolitan of Kiti during the period 1910-1918.

This was followed by a festive gathering and the presentation of wishes to His Beatitude.