He too was from Patmos , a nephew of Patriarch Parthenios II, whom he succeeded to the Patriarchal Throne of Alexandria. He supported the immigration of Greeks to Egypt with the parallel goodwill of the reformer of the country, Mohammed Ali. In 1818 he became ill and went to Patmos to recuperate, where he was initiated into the Filiki Eteria. With the onset of the Greek Revolution, Theophilos again returned to Patmos and remained there throughout the Nation’s struggle. On 14th October 1825 the Ecumenical Patriarch, Chrysanthos, under pressure from the Ottoman Government, convened a Synod in Constantinople and suspended Theophilos from his duties because of his lengthy absence from his Patriarchal See. Theophilos remained on the island on which he was born until his falling asleep on 24th January 1833.