He was born on the island of Andros He served as Metropolitan of Libya and Hegumen (Abbot) of the Zlatari Monastery of Vlachia. He was elected Patriarch of Alexandria on 18th August 1746. Despite the lack of funds of the Patriarchate he went ahead with renovations of the buildings, institutions and Churches of Alexandria, Cairo , Pylousion, Rahition and Libya . He took care of the spiritual grounding of the Clergy. He fought against the Latin propaganda which went against the Orthodox Christians of Egypt. He tried unsuccessfully to respond to the request of Negu Jesu II, the King of Ethiopia to unite the Ethiopian Church with the Orthodox. He went through many persecutions at the hands of the Governors of Egypt. He resigned from the Patriarchal Throne on 9th June 1766 and went to stay on Mount Athos where he fell asleep.