“Gathering my thoughts, I am trying to keep in the depths of my being the miracle which I experienced during my recent missionary journey to the distant Congo – to Kinshasa and the newly-established Metropolis of Kananga, where I enthroned its new Bishop, as well as to Ethiopia where I also enthroned a new Bishop.

Sitting opposite the Alexandrian Lighthouse, I hope and pray “Lord keep the lamp that I lit as another oil lamp for You, alight to the ages!…”

I experienced another Pentecost in these countries where they seek the Lord, the God whom only now are they learning loved them and will love them to the Cross!…

There at the this new Pentecost I was welcomed by over twenty thousand souls “with children and infants” and as another coming Christ, they welcomed their Father and Patriarch crying out HOSANNA!…

“Gentle faces and gentle manners!…”. they showed state the of their souls.

Through the overflow of their love, my heart flooded. Their cheers reached the heavens!… Their joyous shouts as I passed shook my soul and increased my responsibility to these people who make their poverty the richness of glory.

My associates in the Lord, Bishops, Priests and Deacons are worthy of praise and admiration for the enormous work they do with the knowledge of their zeal for God .

May the laity Cyrenians from Greece have the blessing of God as well as my fervent paternal prayers.

In the wake of this visit thousands of thoughts, visions and dreams gather in my heart which is so filled with love for all of these children of God.

Africa – Africa. The land of the future. The countries which host a new emerging world. A world with God… without theocracies!… A world learning the lesson of love so quickly, where they travel for hours to find a drop of water!…

It is worth our loving these countries and these people and to do whatever is humanly possible to offer to them the “your own of your own” from their hearts.

These people, “burnt” from the thermal power of the sun, have great need of our own unadulterated love.

Journeying through there through “a dry and impassable land where no water is” I realized yet again, how much productivity of soul there is in these children of God, who ask for nothing more than a few crumbs of love.

Αὐτούς τούς λαούς ἐπανεγκατέστησα καί ἐπανα-αγάπησα ἐκ καρδίας. Καί τώρα προσερχόμενος στό «ταμιεῖον» μου μυστικῶς δέομαι ὑπέρ αὐτῶν.

Lord, Lord, look down from heaven and visit through Your virtue, these people, these Your children, which Your love entrusted to me as another Moses that I might take them from the “desert via the sea” of so many varied difficulties, into the bosom of Your abundant love.

Grant me Lord the strength that as a father I may gather them under Your wings, on the path of hope, of faith, because it is through you that the meek of the earth are saved.

Thank You, O Lord my God “who elevated me” as a shepherd of the flock of Your new court in Africa… this court whose people “enrich themselves having nothing” and humbling themselves in great wealth!…”

These people forever “in blessing I will bless” leading them on the paths of salvation.

“Holy Father, keep them in Your truth”.