The ancient Patriarchate of Alexandria was visited on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, by the captains, officers and crews of the Greek warships F/G “Elli” and A/G “Chios”, which sailed to the port of Alexandria as part of the multinational exercise Bright Star’ 23.

During the reception of the men of the Navy, His Beatitude the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa etc. Theodore II referred to the historical path of the Alexandrian Church and its current productive presence and missionary activity in Africa.

On their part, the Captains of the warships F/C “Elli” and A/C “Chios” Naval Vice-Captains. Messrs. Georgios Laïnakis and Theodoros Bougiouklis, respectively, expressed the joy and blessing they felt visiting the Patriarchal See, while praising the sacrificially and quietly accomplished ministry of the Second Throne Church on the African continent, which the Navy will always honor and cooperate with, with its powers. This was followed by an exchange of commemorative gifts and a tour of the grounds of the Patriarchal Palace.

Also present were His Excellency Mr. Athanasios Kotsionis, Consul General of Greece in Alexandria and Naval Captain Mr. Michael Tsiligakis, Defense Attaché of Greece in Cairo.

Also, on Tuesday, September 5th 2023, His Beatitude received the visit of the members of the “Circle of Greek Literary Judges”. The President of the Literary Circle Ms. Sofia Lignou thanked the Primate of the Patriarchal Throne of Saint Mark from the bottom of her heart for the kind welcome, expressing the grateful feelings of all the members present. Afterwards, the General Secretary of the “Circle of Greek Literary Judges”, Mr. Dimitrios Orphanidis, took the floor, who offered his books to His Beatitude, placing particular emphasis on his recent work by Cavafy, “Third Circle of Irrigation”.

This was followed by a tour of the grounds of the Patriarchal Mansion.