On January 18 2023, the feast day of Saints Athanasios and Cyril, Patriarchs of Alexandria, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, officiated during the Divine Liturgy at the Holy Patriarchal Monastery of Saint Savvas the Sanctified,prior the end of which he performed the monastic tonsure of the Arab Orthodox Mr. Ashraf Bayouk, renamed Vasileios.

Addressing the blessed Monk Vasileios in the Guest hall of the Holy Monastery, His Beatitude referred to his devotion and love for the ancient Patriarchate, his studies at the Law Academy of the University of Cairo and the Moscow Theological Academy, in which he is doing post-graduate studies, as well as his imminent ordination as Deacon by the His Eminence Narcissus  Metropolitan of Pelusium, Patriarchal Vicar of Alexandria, in order that he may serve as a Deacon in his Holy Metropolis of Pelusium.

Finally, on the occasion of the feast of the Great Fathers of the Church under heaven, Athanasios and Cyril, Patriarchs of Alexandria, His Beatitude expressed, in the person of the attending Chief Secretary and Member of the Holy Synod, Panteleimon, Metropolitan of Naucratis, heartfelt paternal wishes to the Synodical hierarchs of the Patriarchal Throne, emphasizing the eternal model/example of the Saints of Alexandria, who are characterized by clear theological thinking, inexhaustible indiscriminate love and non-negotiable adherence to the unblemished faith.