The holiest month of the Isalmic calendar, the month fordeep personal worship and consciousness of all things Divine for every faithful Muslim, concludes today with the festive joyous period of Eid ul Fitr.

     However this year’s celebration has a special peculiarity as it takes place at a timeduring which the blessed land of Egypt finds itself on the verge of history. A time during which the cooperation of the citizens of the land of the Nile,idependent of religion, in the struggle for a better tomorrow, taught the world that the peaceful demand for rights, with modesty and dignity, is the safest path to freedom.

    I therefore wish to express most heartfelt wishes to our dear Muslim fellow-citizens as well as to all beloved Muslims throughout the Arab world, with the hope that the basic tenets of Ramadan, those of love and charity< will prevail in the words and works of the people.

     I address particular festive greetings to the Supreme Military Councilof Egypt, the guardians of the tradition of unity among the people and guarantors for the transfer to the Egypt of the future, with the prayer that it will steer the country to the safe harbour of progress and prosperity.

                                                           + THEODOROS II
                                     Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa

In the Great City
of Alexandria
30 August 2011