On 3rd August 2017, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, welcomed to the Patriarchal Monastery of St George, in Old Cairo, the Minister of Immigration and Egyptians of the Diaspora, Ambassador Mrs. Nabila Makram Nodel Saied, who expressed the wish to meet him.

His Beatitude the Patriarch discussed with her issues concerning the Patriarch of Alexandria, informing her of the activities of the Patriarchate in Egypt and throughout Africa. On her behalf, the Minister gave a detailed analysis to His Beatitude of the object of her portfolio. She said also, that she aims to invite in the very near future, Greeks from Egypt who live and work abroad, in Greece, America, Australia, and wherever else, in order to get them reconnected with Egypt and to remember the places where they grew up and lived. The Ministry intends to cover their costs to travel to Sharm el Sheik, so that they can all celebrate together their reconnection with their first homeland, Egypt. In conclusion, she promised the Patriarch to visit him on 17th August in Alexandria, to discuss in detail the above programme.

His Beatitude said that he on his side would offer every possible assistance, so that there will be access to the Archives, so that Greeks from Egypt can be identified to make the reception programme a reality.

The Patriarch then took the Minister on a conducted tour of the Rotunda of St George, as well as to the Museums of the Holy Monastery, thanking her for the visit. He also asked her please to convey to His Excellency the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Mr. Sisi, his love and warmest greetings.