On the 30th September 2018, the second to last day of the Patriarchal visit, His Beatitude Theodoros the 2nd Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, travelled to the city of Bolhrad, accompanied by Metropolitan Onuphrios of Kiev and All Ukraine, Metropolitan Agathangelos of Odessa and many Hierarchs, for the celebration of the Inauguration of the majestic Holy Church of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, which was completely renovated externally and internally.

Immediately after the celebration of the Inauguration, a Patriarchal Divine Liturgy was served, at the end of which the Alexandrian Primate gave to the newly renovated Church a silver censor, expressing his joy at visiting Odessa, Ismail and Bolhrad, as well as for the event of the Inauguration of the Holy Church, which cannot be compared to the mud-built Orthodox Churches of Africa but even in those, the All-holy Name of the Triune God is also glorified.

The Patriarch expressed his wonder at the crowds of faithful Christians, particularly the youth, who had filled the Holy Churches which he had visited.

“All that I saw and heard these days, I will convey to my venerable and beloved Brother, the All Holy and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomeos and to all the Primates of the East. Our Church has it’s Holy Canons, which we must respect and obey, because obedience to them is respect to the God-Man person of Christ,” His Beatitude said definitively.

Thereafter, both Onuphrios Metropolitan of Kiev and the local Metropolitan Agathangelos of Odessa, expressed their sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Alexandrian Primate.

In the Courtyard of the Holy Church, the choir of the Metropolis of Odessa and Ismail presented a musical programme.

Looking at the golden dome of the Church, His Beatitude the Patriarch proclaimed the Paschal greeting “Christ is Risen,” praying “that as the gold dome of the Church shines, so should our Orthodoxy shine. I preach peace to all the nations, the peace of Christ.”