On 21st April 2015, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, sent a letter to the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Church Abuna Mathias, expressing his sincere condolences and his unreserved support for the 30 Ethiopian Christians, victims of  religious fundamentalism and human atrocity in Libya. The full text of the letter follows:

His Holiness
The Patriarch of the Ethiopian Church
Abuna Mathias
Addis Ababa

Your Holiness,

Having been informed of the execution of the 30 Ethiopian Christians by lawless hands in Libya, we hasten to express to you and to the fullness of your Church our sincere condolences and our unreserved support.

Our Holy Church stands in pain by the side of the Ethiopian people, renouncing these terrorist actions, which are the result of the fanatical morbid intolerance of differences and of an ideology of religious exclusiveness which leads to dangerous and violent paths.

Praying that the Most Merciful Lord who is Risen from the dead will enlighten humanity to obtain the peace and love which comes from Him and that He will grant rest to our 30 murdered brothers in His blessedness, we remain with heartfelt prayers

Your beloved brother in Christ,

Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa

In the Great City of Alexandria
21st April 2015