His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa  was made warmly welcome by the President of Egypt, His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Morsi, on 27th June 2012. The meeting, to which representatives of the Anglican, Protestant and Maronite Churches in the country were invited, was requested by His Excellency the President.

            Thanking the President for the immediate invitation, His Beatitude wished him God’s blessing for his important responsibilities undertaken for the Egyptian people. He also issued an invitation to him to visit the Patriarchal See in Alexandria. His Excellency Mr. Morsi  immediately accepted the invitation and stressed that during his visit to the Great City his first stop will be the ancient Patriarchate, to which he expressed his wholehearted support, seeing that for 2000 years Orthodox Christians have lived peacefully and continuously in the Land of the Nile.

            On his behalf, His Beatitude the Patriarch gave the President a silver tray bearing the emblem of the Alexandrian Church.

            It is to be noted that the President of Egypt Mr. Mohamed Morsi thanked all those present for their immediate response and emphasized that all Egyptians, Christians and Muslims, are equal citizens of the country, which should be governed by democracy, constitutionality and freedom. He also clearly stated that he is on the side of harmonious coexistence between Christians and Muslims, stressing once again the principles of egalitarianism, regardless of religious faith.

            Also yesterday, the Egyptian President had a meeting with the representative of the Muslim faith and the Coptic Church, wishing to have some first immediate contact with all the religious communities which exist in Egypt, following his election.