On 3rd June 2015, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexnadria and All Africa, continuing his missionary and pastoral journey to the Holy Metropolis of Madagascar, travelled by car to Ampany. The Alexandrian Primate was welcomed by the District Commissioner and other representatives of the local authorities, together with many Orthodox faithful.

Following the usual doxology at the Holy Church of the Holy Trinity the Patriarch inaugurated the new Primary and Secondary School of this Parish, which were built thanks to the care of His Eminence Prokopios, Metropolitan of Fillippi, Neapolis and Thasos and the contributions of the Christians of Kavala, whom he thanked for their contribution.

His Beatitude spoke to the faithful of the area who produce rice, which is the basic daily food of the country, and gave a telephonic interview to radio stations in Greece, urging the Greeks to assist the Malagasy people and the Missionary and humanistic effort which is being done in the country.

The hundreds of cards written by the children of Australia to the children of Madagascar caused much emotion. Also, as a caring father, the Patriarch went to the nearby village to experience at first hand their struggle for survival and blessed the harvesting and cleaning of the rice.

On the afternoon of the same day His Beatitude had a meeting with the Students of the Seminary of the Holy Metropolis, who will be the future members of the clergy of Madagascar and he advised them to cultivate the spirit of the priesthood and love for mankind and the Church.

He also held discussions with the group of dedicated youth from Crete who, together with their spiritual father Fr. Apostolos will serve in the new monastic centres which will be built in the area.

The next day, Friday 4th June 2015, the Alexandrian Primate flew to the district of Toliara where he will complete his visit to the Holy Metropolis of Madagascar with a three day stay.

At the Toliara Airport, His Beatitude was welcomed by the District Commissioner and the Mayor of the town, the Chancellor of the Holy Metropolis Fr. Polykarpos, other representatives of the State and thousands of faithful holding the flags of Greece and Madagascar.

Following the doxology at the Holy Church of the Apostle Andrew His Beatitude spoke spiritually to the faithful present and thanked them for the love which they expressed during his welcome, and made particular mention of Fr. Evangelos Parianos, the only Greek remaining in Toliara for the past seventy years.

In the afternoon, the Patriarch visited the office of the District Commissioner where during the meeting thoughts were exchanged regarding the future work of the Metropolis of Madagascar in Toliara.