On 12th October 2007, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa , officiated at the Divine Liturgy at the Holy Patriarchal Chapel of Ss TheodorI, on the Feast of St John, Patriarch of Alexandria, the Almsgiver, following which he met with Mr Stephanos Tamvakis, Presedint of SAE, for an hour.


During this meeting Mr Tamvakis informed His Beatitude on his lengthy visit to as well as on the current issues regarding the Hellenes on the African continent.


At noon on the same day, His Beatitude visited the Greek frigate “Hydra” which is moored in , which participated in a multiethnic exercise together with 13 countries, titled “Bright Star 007”.


In welcoming him with the due honours, Admiral Apostolos Batsas, said his Beatitude’s visit to the frigate was an historic moment  while Mr Ioannis Drimousis the Vice Admiral said that His Beatitude’s presence was of great significance for the crew.


His Beatitude thanked them warmly for their assistance to the missionary work, making special mention of his service at the Holy Metropolis of Cameroon, where the Navy had generously given bells to the Churches which were being built at the time.


Present during this visit to the frigate were His Excellency Ambassador John-Alexis Zepos, the Consul general of in Alexandria Mr George Diakofotakis, Mr Stephanos Tamvakis President of SAE, and the Chairman of the Hellenic Community of Alexandria Mr Haralambos Katsimbris.