“A great thank you to Greece, especially in these difficult times that the Alexandrian Church and the Greeks of the Land of the Nile are experiencing”, were expressed by His Beatitude Theodoros II Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa during a meeting held in Cairo with His Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Mr Dimitrios Droutsas.

     “The Patriarchate will continue to exist in Egypt and guard Thermopylae”, stressed the Primate of the Orthodox Church in Africa. And addressing His Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Beatitude emphasized that “you give us courage with the support given to us by Greece”.

    On his own part, Mr Droutsas stressed that the “thanks” should come from Greece to the Alexandrian Church, and expressed his wonder at the work of the Orthodox Church in Africa, which “is known to all of Orthodoxy and Hellenism”. Speaking to His Beatitude he said “each one of our meetings, is for us not only a joy, but also an honour and an inspiration”.

    Mr Droutsos ended by saying that it is significant that “the Patriarchate of Alexandria during the recent crisis in Egypt, was a bond a bridge between Greece and Egypt as well as all of Africa”.