On Tuesday 3rd February 2009, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa, met with His Beatitude Kirill Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia who expressed heartfelt thanks to the Venerable Primate of the Throne of St Mark for his participation in the celebrations for his enthronement.

     “Your Beatitude, you led the celebrations for our joy. The Patriarchs of the Alexandrian Throne, of blessed memory, in the historic moments of the life of the Russian Orthodox Church, visited the Northern Thebaid without taking into account the dreadful cold, in order to experience together with the Russian people its joys and griefs”.

      His Beatitude Kirill continued, saying: “These past few days, you and your entourage shared with us the joy of the Russian Church. I thank you from my heart for the trouble you took to be with us, and for the joy your presence gave us”. 

      In his reply, His Beatitude Theodoros II said: “Your Holiness. In a few hours I shall return to my Patriarchate, but I return with a heart full of joy, because the Lord deemed me worthy to be present at your enthronement – the enthronement not only of a newly-elected Patriarch, but also of a friend of many years. Next Tuesday I shall begin a lengthy missionary trip to the Cameroon , where there are many faithful. There is no transport there, so I carry in my hand a wooden Cross and I walk many kilometers. On this missionary journey, and on every other, I will hold in my heart and in my memory, the prayers of the Russian Orthodox Church, for the spiritual progress and the confirming of the faith of our African brothers and sisters”.

     His Beatitude Kirill, having received the commemorative gifts of the Alexandrian Patriarch, said: “I congratulate you on your missionary efforts. We all constitute a uniform Orthodox Church, which is why your missionary journeys which are undertaken under difficult conditions, give us also a common joy and glory. The Russian Church knows full well the missionary work of the Patriarchate of Alexandria”.

      That same evening His Beatitude and his entourage flew from the Russian capital bound for Egypt .