On 13th October 2011, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa conducted the Service of the Inauguration of the Holy Church of the resurrection of the Lord, in the city of Blantyre in Malawi. 

            The event was celebrated by the faithful with local traditional dances and songs, as a significant change in an area which was once a place of illegal conduct, as was emphasized by the Honourable Minister of Malawi, Mr Felix N’ Djaoula, who represented parliament at the event.

            Also, the Police Chief in the area Mr Mazonga, who represented the Security Forces of the country, maintained that in this place “there is salvation”, while the local tribal leader Mr Magasa said that “this church is the most beautiful in the area” and thanked the Patriarchate of Alexandria for the great gift which it has given to the people of Malawi.

            Truly, the magnificent church of the Resurrection impresses, with the school buildings of the Metropolis which operates adjacent to the Church with over 200 pupils. There is also a translation centre and printing office nearby for the local church, where to date more than 100 various (essentially ecclesiastical) publications have been issued in Chichewa, the local dialect. There is also a clinic for the needs of the indigenous people.

           “This Church and all the other buildings were made for you, the children of Malawi”, the Patriarch told the young people who had filled the area. His Beatitude was accompanied on this visit by the local Metropolitan, His Eminence Ioakeim of Zambia and Malawi, His Grace Ioannis Bishop of Mozambique and His Grace Nikodimos Bishop of Nitria.

            The building of the Church of the Resurrection of the Lord in Blantyre, which is also the missionary centre of the area, began in 2009, when the Metropolitan of Zambia secured the ownership of the area.

            The Minister who represented Parliament expressed the view that it would be good if the church area could be extended even more. The Alexandrian Primate promised that he would do whatever possible to develop the area, by building a hospital there.

            He also expressed his enormous satisfaction at being in Malawi beside his flock whom he served up until his election to the Patriarchal Throne of St Mark, as Metropolitan of Zimbabwe, a country small in size but enormous in importance. He also thanked His Eminence Metropolitan Ioakeim of Zambia for the works and activites he has developed in the area, and also thanked the Hierarchal Vicar of Malawi, Fr Ermolaos Iatrou, and the holy clergy.

Nicholas Katsikas