On Saturday 8th October 2011, the Venerable Primate of the Orthodox Church in Africa honoured one of the Greek Ladies of Harare, Mrs Ariadne Psillos.

     Mrs Psillos, who already has the honourary title of Lady of the Churches of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, was awarded the Orded of the Lion of the Apsotle Mark by the Alexandrian Primate, in the chapel of the dormition of the Theotokos which she has built in her home in Harare. She is a lady who has dedicated herself to religion, having herself studied Theology, who owns a large company but does not forget to decisively and determinedly support the work of the local church for many years, as well as the Greeks living in Harare. So it is not good fortune that during the Divine Liturgy conducted by His Beatitude in the beautiful chapel in the grounds of her home, that most of the hellenic community of Harare were present, as were many dignitaries among whom were: the Ambassador of Egypt in Zimbabwe Mr Hashem Balil, the Ambassadro of Russia Mr Kusakov, the Charge d’ Affaires of the Greek Embassy in Harare Mr Stephanos Ioannides, the Chairman of the Hellenic Community of Harare Mr John Koumides, the Chairlady of the Federation of Hellenic Communities of Zimbabwe Mrs Helen Koumides, the Chairman of the Hellenic Cyprus Brotherhood of Harare Mr Kostas Klostris, the Chairman of the Cephalonian Society of Harare Mr Panagis Therotokatos, the Chairlady of the Greek Ladies of Zimbabwe Mrs Despina Zaverdinos, the Honourary Chairman of the Hellenic Community Mr John Stougiannides and many others. Patriarch Theodoros was accompanied by the local Metropolitan Seraphim, the Patriarchal Vicar of Cairo His Grace Nikodimos Bishop of Nitria, the Exarchs of the Patriarchate in South Sudan and Cyprus, Fathers Inokentios and Athenodoros, and other officals.

     Addressing Mrs Psillos the Alexandrian Primate described her as a “chapter for Greeks abroad” and with this opportunity spoke about the general contribution of Greeks who on some African countrie are diminishing, but still hold on to “Thermopylae”. “Our glorious Hellenic past leads us to a future of hope”, said His beatitude, and that “we live with the past to gain strength for the future”. He then thanked the entire community for their contribution to the missionary Patriarchate.

     His Beatitude also conducted the memorial service for Gerontissa Efterpi who dedicated her life to this church and who was known for her love of the church and the community.

     During the reception which followed the Alexandrian Primate greeted the people of the Land of the Nile through the presence of the Ambassador of Egypt.