On 15th March 2008, His Beatitude Theodoros II of Alexandria was afforded a welcome worthy of the fame and the prestige of the historic Holy Monastery of the Theotokos of Kykkos by His Eminence Nicephoros of Kykkos and Tylliria, the fathers of the monastery, the priests and people of the area.

     On entering the Monastery Chapel, the Primate of the Alexandrian Church knelt and with tears in his eyes venerated the miraculous and holy icon of the All Holy Virgin of Kykkos. Immediately thereafter a doxology was sung by the grand Byzantine choir of the Monastery of  Kykkos.

     In his address the Hegumen of the Monastery and Metropolitan of KYKKOS AND Tylliria Metropolitan Nicephoros, welcomed His Beatitude “with spiritual joy and gladness and with feelings of genuine love and respect”.

     He went on to praise the person of His Beatitude the Patriarch of Alexandria, emphasizing that “the Patriarch of the Second Throne of Orthodoxy, bearer of the apostolic grace and successor of many saints and wise men, whose work is worthily continuing in transubstantiating the universal spirit of Orthodoxy into reality, who is not limited by geographical or racial boundaries, but is in direct report with human society.

     “Allow me to characterize your personality”, said His Eminence, as full of wisdom and fervent ideas and emotions, and transmits the contemporary theological word through your spiritual light. a faith that is alive and working, a fervent missionary zeal, paternal humanity and kindness, love and evangelical humility, sympathy and hard work are what make up you personality and your efforts and results, and you promote universal evangelical virtues and worth of peace, justice and freedom, unity and brotherhood among nations”.

     He then asked that His Beatitude not forget the suffering people of  the Island of St Barnabas , Cyprus , which for 34 years carries its cross given it by the great nations of earth, as it goes up its own Golgotha ”.

     After his address, he gave His Beatitude the highest honour of the Monastery, the gold medal of the Theotokos of Kykkos.

     In his reply, His Beatitude said that it is “with great emotion and joy that he is at the Holy Royal,  Monastery of the Theotokos of Kykkos, Founded on a Cross, in order to venerate her Icon, which was created by the hand of the Evangelist Luke, as well as the holy relics of the saints which have been stored and treasured there for centuries. He would look to receiving strength and support for his multi-responsible patriarchal service.

     In praising the contribution, philanthropy and activity of the Monastery of Kykkos, he stressed that “ the Monastery of Kykkos was not only a hive for the quiet souls who sought God but was also always a lighthouse for those who were suffering in life, a support and protection of the poor and a clinic for the bodies and souls of the sick”.

     He also mentioned on of its greatest brothers, Makarios of Cyprus, who materially and morally supported the missionary efforts of the Alexandrian Church, especially by establishing the Patriarchal School.

     He then went on to the area known as the Throne of the All Holy Virgin and conducted a Trisagion  and placed a wreath at the tomb of Archbishop Makarios III.

     On the afternoon of the same day, the Patriarch of Alexandria and his entourage returned to Nicosia and visited places of interest where the tombs of the fighters and those hanged by the English in the EOKA battles are found. He then visited the tombs of those who fell during the Turkish invasion in 1974.

     At both places, His Beatitude conducted a Trisagion, deeply moved, and placed wreaths on the tombs.