His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, announced the creation of a new school for the children of Touloum in Northern Cameroon, following his recent visits to schools where the children of poor families in Northern Cameroon on the border with Chad are educated.

     The school will be the 4th in line organized by the Holy Metropolis of the Cameroon and will be built with financial support from Greek Missionary Societies. The already existing schools serve 600 children each.

     Also, on 21st February 2009, His Beatitude visited the Central High School in Datcheka in Northern Cameroon, distributed stationery and addresses 2,400 young people, announcing that the Holy Metropolis of the Cameroon will be given scholarships to the first ten pupils accepted at the universities of the Cameroon and promised to send them educational material in French. “Education is the hope of the Cameroon ”, said His Beatitude, accompanied by His Eminence Gregory of the Cameroon , who was fervently welcomed by all the officials of the country. Also, all the media covered interviews regarding his official visit.

     On returning to the capital Yaoundé on 23rd February 2009, the Venerable Primate of the ancient Patriarchate visited the Parish Community of St Eleftherios in Galvak, 90 kilometres from the capital, where he was very warmly received. During his visit His Beatitude expressed his satisfaction for the creation of three classes in the local school, financed by the “ Bridge of Love ” Society in Crete , and inaugurated three new classrooms. He also accepted the request of the Mayor of the area to contribute in the immediate future to the creation of an agricultural school on a piece of land to be donated by the local authority.

     He then congratulated His Eminence Gregory, Metropolitan of the Cameroon on the successful missionary work undertaken in the area and generally on the fruitful efforts of the local Church in this African area.

     His Beatitude completed his visit to the Cameroon on 23rd February 2009 and returns to his Patriarchal See via Nairobi on 24th February.