On 23rd January 2018, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, accompanied by His Eminence Sergios Metropolitan of Good Hope, arrived for the first time in Namibia, to visit the small Orthodox flock living in the country.

Namibia, in comparison with its vast expanse, has the second lowest population in the world, even though it was a former province of South Africa know as South West Africa, which gained its independence only in 1990.

In the city of Walvis Bay, where most of the Orthodox Christians live and which is a hub for many sailors, particularly Russians, through the actions of His Eminence Sergios Metropolitan of Good Hope, and a donation of land by the Honorary Consul General of Greece and Cyprus, Mr. Ssavvas Savva, the first Orthodox Church will be built, laying the foundation for the establishment of the first Parish in Namibia.

Immediately after his arrival, the Alexandrian Primate, together with the local Metropolitan Sergios, visited the Honorary Consul of Greece and Cyprus Mr. Savvas I. Savva, with whom they discussed all the issues which concern the expatriates, in a spirit of love and understanding.

Then, His Beatitude, accompanied by Mr Savvas, visited and inspected the works of construction and restoration of the Holy Church of St. John the Baptist.

On the next day, 24th January, the Alexandrian Primate, in his meeting with the Honorary Consul Mr. Savvas and in the presence of Greek people and others from the country, awarded him the medal of the Apostle and Evangelist Mark, to honour him for his great contribution for Hellenism and Orthodoxy in Namibia. On the morning of 25th January,

His Beatitude Patriarch Theodoros paid a courtesy visit to the Mayor of the city of Walvis Bay, Mr. Alterman Immanuel H. Wilfried, to whom he gave a commemorative gift.