On January 7, 2023, His Excellency the Governor of Alexandria, Mr. Mohamed El-Sherif, accompanied by His Excellency the Military Commander of the Northern Wing of the Army of the Arab Republic of Egypt, visited His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa,to convey his festive wishes.

During the reception of the Governor in the Throne Room, after the playing of the national anthems of Greece and Egypt, His Beatitude addressed him with warm words, underlining the consistently good relations of the Ancient Patriarchate with Land of the Nile, as well as the uninterruptedly beneficial mutual understanding towards It. Furthermore, he referred thoroughly to the multifaceted work of the Alexandrian Church in Africa, as well as to his official visits around the world, where he presents the generally impressive promotion of Egypt.

He also mentioned the harmonious and productive relations of strategic importance between the countries of the eastern Mediterranean, particularly between Greece, Cyprus and Egypt.

In his reply, His Excellency Mr. Mohamed El-Sherif praised the multilateral and unceasing activity of the ancient Church of the Alexandrians and its venerable Primate, whom he characterized as “an outstanding Ambassador of our country and our genuine brother”, while emphasizing that the Authorities of the country will always support and facilitate the work of the Patriarchate, expressing grateful thanks for the great assistance of the Patriarchal Throne to its stability and progress. Finally, a reception was held and an exchange of commemorative gifts took place in the Privatel Patriarchal Office.

In attendance at the meeting were Their Eminences the Metropolitans of Naucratis Panteleimon and of Pelusium Narcissus, the the Honorable Rector of the University of Alexandria and representatives of the political and administrative authorities of the Egyptian co-capital and the Security Forces.