The Synaxis of the Great Archangels, Michael and Gabriel, was celebrated with great brilliance and with the participation of many believers on Friday, November 5, in the Arabic-speaking parish of the same name in Daher, in Cairo, which this year completes 90 years of operation.

On Thursday 4th November 2021, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa officiated at the Great Festal Vespers together with His Eminence Theodosios Metropolitan of Kananga and the Cairo Clergy of the Alexandrian Throne. In his homily, His Beatitude spoke of the anniversary of the completion of 90 years of the presence and contribution of the angel-protected parish in Daher.

On Friday 5th November 2021, the Alexandrian Primate served the Festive Divine Liturgy, together with Their Eminences George Metropolitan of Guinea, Nikolaos Metropolitan of Ermopolis, Patriarchal Vicar of the Arabic speakers and Theodosios Metropolitan of Kananga. At the Holy Altar were also the Grand Ecclesiarch of the Patriarchate of Alexandria Archimandrite Stefanos Soulimiotis, the Abbot of the Patriarchal Monastery of St George Cairo Archimandrite Damaskinos Al Azrai as well as many clergy from Cairo.

In his speech, His Beatitude expressed his joy that he is again with the Arabic-speaking flock to celebrate this time with them a double feast, that of the Synaxis of the Great Archangels and that of the completion of 90 years of operation of the beautiful Church in Daher.

In addition, on the occasion of the completion of 90 years of operation of the Church, the Patriarch offered the Patriarchal Stole to the Parish, saying characteristically: “I want to give something small, something of my own to your Church. "I want to leave my Stole and when you see it, Mr. president, remember that Patriarch Theodoros loved and still loves Daher."

Prior to the dismissal, His Beatitude awarded the Golden Lion of the Order of the Lion of Alexandria to Mr. Kamel Hanna, a member of the Ecclesiastical Council of the Daher Parish, thus honoring his many years of service to the Holy Church of the Archangels and the Patriarchate.

Addressing Mr. Kamel Hanna, His Beatitude said: "Dear Kamel, I want to honor you with the Golden Lion of the Order of the Lion of Alexandria, thus thanking you for your contribution to the church of Daher. But I thank you personally for your good and beautiful family and your devout children. Our Egypt is based on good families, on children who have been raised properly. "If we want good societies, we must have good families."

Finally, it is worth noting that for the sake of sanctification and blessing of the faithful, the Abbot of the Holy Patriarchal Monastery of St George Cairo presented the Holy Relics of the Holy New Martyrs Gabriel and Kyrmidolis to the celebrating Holy Church.