The Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa strongly condemns the senseless act of indiscriminate terrorist violence of so many Kenyan Christian students. These heinous acts equal total contempt for the value of humanity and go against the right of every person for freedom of religion. They have a tragic effect on the Christian community of the county, which unwaveringly witnesses and confesses its faith in Jesus Christ who, by His Incarnation founded in His Theandric person Love, Peace, Life and Resurrection.       

     Proclaiming our total opposition to every inhuman act of terrorism,  motivated by religious intolerance, we express to the President and the people of Kenya our most sincere condolences, we participate in your national mourning and sympathize with the immeasurable pain of the families of the innocent victims-martyrs of faith. We pray fervently to our AllMerciful God that He will grant rest to the souls of the young people tragically lost and to grant strength to their suffering families.