On 26th October 2009, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa attended the anniversary celebration of the completion of one hundred years from the founding and operation of the Council of Hellenic Scientists of Alexandria “Ptolemy I” which took place in the Julia Salvagou Hall of the Hellenic Community.

      Before the end of the function His Beatitude awarded its most respected Chairman Dr Nicholas Papantonis the Highest Commander of the Order of the Lion of Alexandria with a Star, honouring his character, his many years of teaching service in the Pharmaceutical Faculty of the University of Alexandria, as well as his ceaseless active presence in the life of the Hellenic Community.

      On the next day, 27th October 2009, His Beatitude received at the Patriarchal Office the Superintendent of the Directorate of Education of Students of Greek Descent of the Ministry of Education and Religion of Greece, Mrs. Anna Kretsas, the members of the Executive Council of the N.G.O. “HEDA” in the person of its Chairman  Mr. Elias Niobilakis, Professor of the Technical Institutes of Athens and Mr Nicholas Vadis, Deputy President of the Hellenic Community of Cairo, who all informed him of the successful completion of the building of a school at the Siva Oasis  and they gave him a commemorative medal, praising his multifaceted missionary work in Africa.