On 5th November 2015, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Pastriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, together with his entourage traveled through rough roads and dense tropical vegetation to the city of LIRA, the second largest in size and population city in the Morthern Ugandan area and visited the Parish of St John in OTWAL as well as the adjacent school, where he was welcomed with traditional dances and songs by the parishioners and the pupils, who in this manner express their enthusiasm and their joy at His Beatitude’s visit.

Note that these pastoral visits by the Patriarch, beyond any etiquette, have an essential meaning to the life of these people, who live isolated in the jungle and are a reason to take the courage, hope and optimism, which stem from the caring and contribution of the Throne of the Apostle Mark to our African brothers and sisters.

His Beatitude the Patriarch spoke inspirationally to the faithful about Christ’s love and also thanked the teaching staff of the School for their contribution, gave gifts to all and blessings.

His Beatitude then went on to visit the Parish of St Athanasios in AMUACA and did the memorial prayers for the repose of Fr Athanasios, one of the pioneers of the missionary effort in the area.

In conclusion, the Alexandrian Primate visited the Parish of the Resurrection of the Lord in OJWINA , thereby concluding his pastoral visit to Northern Uganda and returned with his entourage to Kampala, glorifying the name of the Lord for the productive fruits of the missionary effort in this difficult area, Who “from nothing raised the children of Abraham”.