Presanctified Divine Liturgy by the Patriarch of Alexandria in Kolwezi.

In a solemn atmosphere on Tuesday, 28/3/2023, at the Holy Church of St Nicholas in Kolwezi, a Presanctified Divine Liturgy was celebrated, officiated by His Beatitude Theodoros II Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa.

His Beatitude in his speech referred to the work that has been carried out for 50 years in the Holy Diocese of Katanga, praised the efforts, sacrifices, and also the struggles of His Eminence Meletios, as well as saying  that all these years His Eminence has kept the Church of Katanga unadulterated through the various challenges and trials. Addressing the Priests, His Beatitude referred to the great work they perform and that they are genuine children of our senior Patriarchate, inviting them to continue to serve their homelands undisturbed, ignoring the contemporary spiritual Cyclops and Laestrygonians, who seek through payment, temporary promises, falsehoods and slanders, to bring about the accursed severing of the garment of our Lord Jesus Christ in Africa, the forgiver of every fault and sin, except ingratitude. He thanked everyone, clergy and people for the preparation and the efforts they made, to welcome their spiritual Father with great love and respect.

Shortly before the dismissal, His Beatitude , visibly moved, held a six-year memorial service in memory of his mother Cleopatra.

His Beatitude was flanked by the Metropolitans, Nicodemus of Memphis,  Meletios of Katanga, , Hariton of Kananga and His Grace Cosmas Bishop of Konstatiani, as well as the Patriarchal Commissioners, Archimandrite Polycarpos Diamantopoulos of Kisangani and ArchimAndrite Timotheos Tumba, Patriarchal Vicar of Goma.

After the end of the Presanctified Divine Liturgy, His Beatitude attended the festive event prepared by the children of the schools of the Holy Metropolis. A multitude of children paraded in front of His Beatitude with great respect and joy, thus acknowledging their Spiritual Father as the legitimate and canonical Patriarch of the Alexandrian Church.

Afterwards, His Beatitude deeply moved, served the memorial in front of the tomb of the late blessed Fr. Cosmas Grigoriatis. Addressing the flock, he praised the work accomplished by Fr. Cosmas and the end of his great spiritual work was prematurely sealed with his death.

Then, he headed to the “Cosmas and Damian” hospital of the Holy Metropolis , where he praised the work performed by the doctors of the hospital in difficult conditions and urged them with the same zeal and love to help and care for the patients.

Also, His Beatitude, accompanied by the Honourable Consul General of Greece Mr. Gerasimos Dounis, headed to the women’s monastery of the Holy Metropolis and served a trisagion in memory of the late Blessed Theano Mousdelekidou, who had dedicated her life to missionary work.