On Friday 11th June 2010 His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa welcomed to the Patriarchal See and met with His Excellency the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Cameroon, Mr. Alexis Dipanda Mouelle, within the framework of official working travels which he is undertaking in Egypt, with the aim of an exchange of know-how on legal matters. His Excellency the Chief Justice was accompanied by the Public Prosecutor General Mr. Martin Rissouk a Moulong, his Egyptian counterpart and His Excellency the Ambassador of Cameroon in Cairo.

     During their meeting His Beatitude expressed his esteem for His Excellency the President of Cameroon, on old acquaintance of his from the time of his pastoral service at the Holy Metropolis of Cameroon, as well as his gratification for the support which he offers the missionary effort of the Metropolis. He remembered with nostalgia the years of his stay in this country in West Africa and showed particular interest in the progress of the country in all departments, as well as in the development of humanistic and pastoral activity of the missionary echelons of the Alexandrian Throne.

     His Excellency the Chief Justice, most moved by the obvious personal interest of His Beatitude, said: “We wish that Alexandria could be on Cameroonian ground so that we could have you with us always. Your four-year presence in our country might well have been brief, but it was enough time for you to leave your distinct mark and your remembrance remains alive even today as a man of love and contribution, worthy of appreciation and respect from all.” The particular mention of His Beatitude in all the towns in every corner of the Cameroon, gave Mr. Mouelle the opportunity to praise the indefatigable mobility shown by His Beatitude as Metropolitan of Cameroon, and he made special mention also of the Greeks of the Cameroon.

     Both parties arrived at the conclusion for the need of further strengthening and deepening of the multifaceted efforts of the Alexandrian Throne for the good of the flock of this African country. It is worth mentioning at this point that the Holy Metropolis of the Cameroon, among other things, operates clinics with free medical care and an emphasis on laboratory microbiological tests during the topical epidemics which break out from time to time, offers annual scholarships to hundreds of needy scholars and students, distributes annually great amounts of humanistic aid and is most concerned with the opening of boreholes.

     His Beatitude then went on to award Mr. Mouelle the Cross of the Apostle and Evangelist Mark and took him and his entourage on a conducted tour of the Patriarchal Mansion. He then hosted an official lunch in the Patriarchal Refectory, with the presence of His Grace Gabriel Bishop of Mareotis, Patriarchal Vicar of Alexandria and His Grace Gennadios Bishop of Nilopolis, Chancellor of the Holy Synod.